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Mykolaiv, Ayvazovskogo str. 15

Tel.:+38 0512 63-90-52,  +38 0512 63-91-65

Fax:+38 0512 76-97-03

You can always contact our mangers and ask them any questions that may interest you.

You can discuss the deliveries of glass with our managers:
Manager Tel. e-mail
Vitaliy +38 050 3945543 glass@lentax-yug.com
Sergey +38 050 3371469


biuret_smallUrea is the second-most concentrated nitrogen-containing fertilizer after anhydrous ammonia. In the process of fertilizer production, the substance known as biuret is formed out of urea.

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fasovkaStarting from June 2020, a new packaging machine has been put into operation for bulk goods such as fertilizers and other types of chemical products.

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KarbamidIn June 2018, the urea plant in Garabogaz, Turkmenistan, was put into operation with an annual production capacity of 1,155,000 tons of products. Upon completion, the $1.35 billion plant became the largest urea plant in Turkmenistan.

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