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PE «Zahid» is one of the leaders in glass market, and doesn’t need any recommendations for a long time. All saleable goods are always in stock. The assortment includes polished glass from 2,2 mm to 12 mm thickness, low emission glass, tinted glass, mirrors and decorative glass. Also there are special sorts of glass such as reflective and triplex.

The company politics forms within the scope of wholesale and large wholesale deliveries. This year PE «Zahid» has introduced distribution system, which consists in the foundation of dealer network. This approach allows to involve additional, smaller consumers and to decide logistic questions. Consequently, sales volumes have increased and presence in region has strengthened.

Our main suppliers are Sisecam (Turkey), Trakya glass (Bulgaria), Kaveh Glass Industry Group (Iran), PPG (USA), SPHINX GLASS (Egypt). In 2011 the Company concluded a general agreement with SAINT GOBAIN GLASS Company, which became one of the main suppliers of float and low emission glass. We are planning to hold joint seminars with SGG, the main subject of which is informing about SGG energy-saving technologies. The first seminar has been held as a part of exhibition “Architectural glass 2012”.

We have positive forecast of 2012 year. Negative expectations that were keeping in tension glass market didn’t come true. So at the end of 2011 most of glass processing companies returned to normal operating schedule and consequently it formed stable uniform demand.

LLC” Lentax- Yug”, the subsidiary organization of PE «Zahid», is a new Ukrainian manufacturing structure that products edge bandings.In the process of creating this enterprise the experience of production in Germany and Poland was taken into account. For production edge bandings we use high-technology German equipment KASPER, HARDO. The production is equipped with own line of impregnation by VITS. Melamine edge with paper basis is produced by melamine included resins impregnation of decorative papers with following varnish surfacing. The paper decorating is executed by Rodpol, Poland. The new technology allows getting different kinds of edge banding’s structure.The reverse side of edge banding can be treated with hot melt glue, which allows using cheaper equipment for surfacing, but also ensures professional quality of product. For putting hot melt glue we use high-technology line HARDO with program control that allows making 8 rollers simultaneously. Quality control taking place at all phases of processing is vouched by certificates.

Today The Company stands firmly in glass market and looks ahead with confidence, has a considerable potential of development and modernization. Possibility to load wagons directly on own territory in the covered warehouse appeared as a result of expansion of the area, that will allow to load up till 6 wagons per day.In 2012 we are planning to extend the range of offered products, strengthening presence of well-known trade marks and introduction new.

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ecofriendlyToday most of the leading domestic and foreign companies strictly adhere to the ecological standards by introduction the modern technologies which meet tomorrow’s requirements of prospective customers.The high assessment of the enterprise in the context of ecological safety contributes to the positive image of the company, enhances its prestige as well as boosts its opportunities worldwide. In its turn “Zahid” and “Lentax-Yug”, which are located in Nikolayev, take active part in realization of ecological initiatives. Both of the companies had already achieved much success in the environmental protection of Ukraine.

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