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Sheet float glass is one of the most asked-for types of glass as of today. It is used for glazing of all types of external and internal light-transparent constructions. The large sizes of glass are used if there are modern, high-technology tables for cutting, and the use of such sizes is economically reasonable. Medium size of glass is convenient for work of medium and small enterprises, where semi-automatic tables for cutting are used. Medium size is also used at the line of finish-cutting and unformatted cutting. Small size of sheet glass is used mainly for replacement of glass in existing constructions, for glazing of greenhouses or different industrial and household units.

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 Saint Gobain GlassThe history of Saint Gobain begins in 1665 when the company was established as a royal mirror manufacture. The Saint Gobain Group consistently proves its ability to create the products which help improve the quality of peoples life. Today the Saint Gobain Group was included in top-100 of world industrial corporations and consists of 1500 companies and represented in 64 countries.

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ecofriendlyToday most of the leading domestic and foreign companies strictly adhere to the ecological standards by introduction the modern technologies which meet tomorrows requirements of prospective customers.The high assessment of the enterprise in the context of ecological safety contributes to the positive image of the company, enhances its prestige as well as boosts its opportunities worldwide. In its turn Zahid and Lentax-Yug, which are located in Nikolayev, take active part in realization of ecological initiatives. Both of the companies had already achieved much success in the environmental protection of Ukraine.

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