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The enterprise “Lentax-Yug” managed to show itself as one of the most technologically advanced works in our country. Its products comply with modern Ukrainian as well as with international quality standards. The Nikolayev enterprise, manufacturing the finish foil and the melamine edge, substantially reduced the rate of formaldehyde content in the end products to minimum – 0.5 mg/m3 owing to the use of special tar with low content of harmful carcinogen. There are a lot of operators of the furniture industry who being at the exhibition or salon are not surprised to find the furniture or accessories to it under the brand name of “Lentax-Yug”. At the same time we expand the range and volumes of the offered production.

Another company “Zahid” keeps up with “Lentax-Yug” in the introduction of environmentally friendly programs. It is engaged in the wholesale glass purchases, and mirrors of the most well known trade marks. It is quite enough to recall the glass of such world giants as Sangalli Group (Italy) and Saint-Gobain Glass (France). They swiftly develop the strategy of cooperation in the area of ecological safety along with the number of other world-renowned companies.

In the nearest future “Zahid” (Nikolayev) plans to arrange the deliveries of ecologically clean mirrors for the most exacting customers. To continue this subject we want you to get acquainted with the benefits of the mentioned mirrors. Let’s take TRC FLOTAL E mirror by Trakya Cam Sanayii A.Ş (Turkey) as an example. The new mirror was manufactured due to technology which assures the absence of copper and lead. In this case the upper coating of protective paint film doesn’t contain the lead. In the lower coating of protective coat the percent of lead is less than 0.5%. It should be also noticed such fact that mirror TRC FLOTAL E doesn’t become dark, has perfect resistance against corrosion, and the process of its production doesn’t cause damage to the environment.

The mirror fills the internal space with unique shine and fully complies with the requirement of directive ÅU RoHS (The restriction of hazardous substances 2002/95/ÅU) aimed at the reduction of the use of hazardous substances through the manufacturing process.

The management of “Zahid” and “Lentax-Yug” will stick to the hard principles of “Eco-Friendly” theory in the future. They will keep on applying the ecological projects, offering the products where the most up to date ecological standards were followed. Both of the companies will put much effort in order to reduce the negative impact upon environment, provide sustainable use of natural resources and energy security of our country.


ecofriendlyToday most of the leading domestic and foreign companies strictly adhere to the ecological standards by introduction the modern technologies which meet tomorrow’s requirements of prospective customers.The high assessment of the enterprise in the context of ecological safety contributes to the positive image of the company, enhances its prestige as well as boosts its opportunities worldwide. In its turn “Zahid” and “Lentax-Yug”, which are located in Nikolayev, take active part in realization of ecological initiatives. Both of the companies had already achieved much success in the environmental protection of Ukraine.

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