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New times are putting forward new challenges that must be addressed. The "Zakhid" private entrepreneurship (PE "Zahid") is a vivid example of a successful, dynamically developing company engaged in the wholesale trade of glass, bicarbonate of soda, and fertilizers from the world's most prominent brands. In a relatively short time, the company has managed to win the trust and respect of customers.

Starting from 2017, PE "Zakhid" began to work in the field of soda ash supply. In 2019, the company made a decision to join the club of fertilizer suppliers. The first line item was urea produced by the "Garabogazkarbamide" (Garabogaz Ammonia and Urea Production Plant) in Turkmenistan. In the agricultural sector, urea is considered the most effective fertilizer and has multiple advantages over its equivalents.

Despite working in a new field — fertilizer and soda trading — PE "Zahid" continues to work in its usual field of glass and mirror trading. When looking into the warehouses of the PE "Zahid", it is easy to notice that only the most in-demand items are in stock. A wide range of glass products includes polished glass with a thickness of 2.2mm to 12mm, energy-saving glass, tinted glass, decorative glass, mirror.

The company's success is based on a number of factors, including efficient logistics, qualified staff, elimination of expenses while making large wholesale deliveries. In order to increase the dynamics of sales, PE "Zahid" takes an active part in the dealer network formation, which allows for expanding the circle of smaller consumers and addressing logistics issues.

Among our suppliers are businesses that keep pace with the requirements and demands of the world market. Şişecam (Turkey), TRAKYA Glass (Bulgaria), Sangalli Vetro (Italy), Turkmenhimiya (Turkmenistan), Saint Gobain Glass (France) to name a few.

Şişecam (Turkey) is one of the major suppliers of glass, mirrors, tinted glass, as well as soda ash. The company offers endless possibilities in the production of cladding, insulation, and protection products using a high-quality architectural glass of its own production, which is supplied in the widest range. One of the main components for glass production is the bicarbonate of soda, which is also produced by the enterprise both for its own needs and for sale. PE "Zakhid" is pleased to offer its partners soda ash produced by Şişecam.

Guardian Glass is one of the major suppliers of energy-efficient glass. Guardian's ClimaGuard glass range is a range of glasses made using innovative spraying technologies. Almost invisible spraying of neutral color delivers a combination of attractive appearance and excellent thermal insulation. Guardian Glass manufactures its products keeping pace with innovation and delivers the goods that meet the most demanding specifications.

The ClimaGuard glass range includes the following modifications: ClimaGuard N — the harmony of light and heat, ClimaGuard Solar — sun protection in summer and heat saving in winter. The main priority of the "Zahid" private company for the future is maintenance and promotion of energy-efficient technologies, the epitome of extraordinary ideas.

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biuret_smallUrea is the second-most concentrated nitrogen-containing fertilizer after anhydrous ammonia. In the process of fertilizer production, the substance known as biuret is formed out of urea.

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fasovkaStarting from June 2020, a new packaging machine has been put into operation for bulk goods such as fertilizers and other types of chemical products.

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KarbamidIn June 2018, the urea plant in Garabogaz, Turkmenistan, was put into operation with an annual production capacity of 1,155,000 tons of products. Upon completion, the $1.35 billion plant became the largest urea plant in Turkmenistan.

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