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fasovka Packaging takes place right during unloading, which eliminates (minimizes) the loss or damage to the goods. We pack our own fertilizers, as well as provide services to importers and agricultural holdings.
You can learn more about the general capabilities of the port filling module from the Youtube video below:


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biuret_smallUrea is the second-most concentrated nitrogen-containing fertilizer after anhydrous ammonia. In the process of fertilizer production, the substance known as biuret is formed out of urea.

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fasovkaStarting from June 2020, a new packaging machine has been put into operation for bulk goods such as fertilizers and other types of chemical products.

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KarbamidIn June 2018, the urea plant in Garabogaz, Turkmenistan, was put into operation with an annual production capacity of 1,155,000 tons of products. Upon completion, the $1.35 billion plant became the largest urea plant in Turkmenistan.

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